2018 Hiring Season Begins Middle To Late December 2018

Drobots will begin the hiring process for summer 2018 in middle to late December of 2018. If you are interested in applying for a 2018 summer camp instructor position, please complete the short form below to join our job offering notification list. As soon as we launch the application process, you will be the first to know!

Thank you for your interest!

To be considered for a Drobots’ Instructor position, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Current teacher or currently employed working in education
  • Pursuing a graduate degree or PhD in education and/or STEM related field
  • Rising Junior or Senior in college, pursuing education or STEM related degree
  • Reliable transportation at all times
  • Reliable cell phone and cell phone service
  • Available to work at least 3 weeks between the dates of June 1 and September 1

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The primary goal of any Drobots Company program is to mentor participants on how to become lifelong learners and instill a strong sense of curiosity, confidence and teamwork. Due to the exponential growth of the drone industry, kids and teens may now explore, learn and evolve along with the applications of today and the discoveries of tomorrow. Drobots fosters this new technological landscape with a unique curriculum and well-trained positively motivated instructors.

At Drobots we create flexible experiences that shift students between the excitement and hands-on activities of our indoor activities and the freedom and exploration of the outdoors. Participants utilize imagination, hand-eye coordination and STEM applications to conquer challenges and missions – all in a team-oriented environment. Under the umbrella of a friendly competitive and gamified teaching and learning methodology, participants collaborate in a team setting to deconstruct challenges and then solve them.

Safety is our #1 priority and our rigorous hiring standards attract the best instructors in the country. At Drobots Company we understand that instructors with years of experience working with kids and teens is the key difference between a good experience and a GREAT experience. Our family of instructors embodies the passion and creativity that we strive to inspire in every participant.