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Thank you for your interest in Drobots Company Summer Camp Counselor Jobs.

This application is the first step toward accomplishing our shared goal to once again deliver an amazing summer experience for campers, parents, and staff alike. This form should take you ~10 minutes to complete. Once you begin the application, you cannot save it and return. Unfortunately, the form requests you complete all fields within the application.

Thank you in advance,

Drobots Company
Talent Acquisition Team

The Summer Camp Counselor Jobs Application and Hiring Process

The Application Process

The Why

  • At the initial stage, candidates and the Drobots Talent Acquisition team have the opportunity to mutually assess one another. We want to be certain that you are provided with the information you need to see if you will be an overall fit for Drobots Company.
  • By setting the proper expectations of our core values and “non-negotiables,” we feel entirely responsible to you. Therefore, we will be sure to take the time to over-communicate and provide you with the information you need to ensure we are both a fit for one another.
  • The initial phase is also when we start to consider which locations or open positions have the best potential fit based on your preferences, skills and interests.

How to Prepare and What to Expect

  • Please take the time on your end to conduct some research about our company. Become familiar with our core values, our overall goal and our approach to teaching.
  • Be prepared, so that your updated resume will be ready to upload as a Word, PDF, Google Drive, or Dropbox document.
  • Set aside about 10-15 minutes to complete each stage of the application process in one sitting.
  • Once you apply, our goal is to have one of our Talent Acquisition Team members get back to you within 3 to 7 business days.
  • When we reply, our top priority is to either inform you about our decision or provide you with the next steps in the application process.
  • Until that point, you are always welcome to contact camptalent@summercampadvising.com or call us at (844) 516-2267 if you have questions.

 The Why

  • The conversation, which was initiated in the first few phases of the hiring process, continues.
  • This is when we truly want to learn more about how you, your experiences, and your desire to work for our company.
  • This is also an opportunity for us to gather more logistical details about your availability during the summer.

How to Prepare & What to Expect

  • The process may vary depending upon the position and location you are applying to work.
  • However, the primary goal of our Talent Acquisition Team at this stage is to have the opportunity to learn more about you, your interests, and your aspirations to work with Drobots
  • Please be prepared to speak about and reflect upon your experience, interests, and enthusiasm for your current and previous work opportunities as well as your reasons to apply to work with Drobots this upcoming summer.
  • We may also ask you to participate in the brief (~5 minutes) Drobots Company workplace assessment.
    • No, no, no….do not worry, this is not a test! It is an assessment, tailor made to be brief.
    • It has also been specifically designed to ensure that we are a match for your personality drivers and success indicators.
    • Drobots is overly committed to ensure that not only we do our best to attract and hire “A players,” but that we fully reciprocate and provide you with the opportunity and information you need to ensure you are going to receive an “A+” experience working with our organization.
  • The screening process takes anywhere from 2 to 7 business days and you should expect to receive a response from a member of the Drobots Talent Team about our decision and/or next action steps within this period of time.

 The Why

  • Connect you with an experienced member of the Drobots Talent Acquisition Team
  • Provide you with an understanding and scope of the company core values
  • Answer any of your questions about our culture and the flow of a typical camp day
  • Provide our Talent Team with another personal interaction to provide a platform to communicate and to ensure we are a mutual fit
  • Discuss the position you are interviewing for, the locations you may work and the dates you have available.

How to Prepare & What to Expect

  • When it comes time for the interview phase, we believe in making your life as efficient and simple as possible. Therefore, we conduct initial interviews over the internet and from the convenience of your own chosen location.
    • Our interview process includes two or more of the following:
      • One-way recorded videos – takes place on your time, at your leisure, and in a convenient setting
      • Live one-on-one videos – no traffic to fight or travel to manage. Simply schedule the time and day that works best for your calendar and enjoy the process.
      • Group interviews at Job Fairs – an enjoyable in-person experience and unique opportunity for you to join us at a convenient time with other qualified candidates in a small group environment where you will most likely be interviewing along your future teammates.
      • One-on-one interviews – meet face to face with a member of our Talent Acquisition Team. 
  • Typically you will be notified by a member of the Drobots Talent Acquisition Team within 3-7 days about our final decision and next action steps.
  • If selected, you will receive a job offer, onboarding instructions and a training schedule.
Job Offer From Drobots

The Why

  • To celebrate and provide you with a warm welcome to the Drobots team!
  • Allow you to get to know more about our company and our vision for the unique work experience and learning opportunities that lay ahead.
  • Ensure you fully understand all of the details of what Drobots has to offer you, including work hours, anticipated employment dates, pay rate, pay schedule, training, and professional development.

How to Prepare & What to Expect

  • Job offers are initiated with an email that contains an offer letter. This letter communicates the position, the wage, the work locations(s), and the anticipated summer schedule.
    • Simultaneously, the email will have a phone-scheduling link embedded so that you may choose a time to discuss your offer during a phone call. This phase may take up to 20-30 minutes in length because:
      • We like to over-communicate our company expectations to ensure you fully understand and feel aligned with our mission and goals.
      • We want to provide you with the opportunity to ask us questions in case you have any reservations, clarifications, or concerns.
        • Our primary goal is to ensure that you are informed, excited, and prepared to join the Drobots team, so we will want to know what type of questions you have for us.
        • We believe it is better to ask questions now, then for you to discover something later once you have been trained and started working.
      • We value your time and if it’s a fit, tremendous! If not, no problem at all. The important part is that you are comfortable moving forward and feel as though your voice is heard.
  • We assume you may want to take a few days to consider the offer, therefore we suggest that you either accept (our goal of course!) or decline the offer within 3-5 days.
  • The final phase of the job offer is when you sign the offer letter within our onboarding platform.

The Why

  • Onboarding is simple and convenient. It occurs entirely online.
    • We utilize an online platform, so that we may collect all tax related documents, acknowledgement of our privacy policy and company handbook.
    • We also use this platform to share all required school, facility, city, township, state, and federal legal paperwork through an efficient and seamless process.
  • Once all the paperwork is complete, you will be provided with next action steps related to our training sessions.
  • Training delivered and shared through via various avenues, all designed to make the process as informative and efficient for you as possible.
  • Out training methods, delivery, and dates will vary from location-to-location but typically include a total of 5-12 hours:
    • Via our online portal – train at your pace and at your convenience
    • Live webinars – an opportunity for you to interact with our training team and to submit questions
    • Group training – live and in-person, typically 2-4 weeks prior to your first day of work
    • Host (i.e. the school) training – training that occurs at the actual location(s) where you will work.
      • These trainings are typically conducted with the host school and by an executive member of the school’s summer program’s staff (school’s camp director) or team. These trainings typically cover safety, location best practices, site rules and methods of communication.

How to Prepare & What to Expect

  • For the onboarding process you will need to provide all of the following:
    • Proof of US citizenship (i.e. copy of passport or birth certificate)
    • Proof of address
    • Social security number for the nationwide criminal and sexual background checks
    • Driver’s license
    • Medical history and coverage details
    • Medical and/or drug test if applicable (depends on school requirements, location, etc.)
    • Emergency contact information
    • Tax-related preferences
    • Applicable background check, paperwork, or proof of filings for fingerprints (will depend upon your location)
    • Any licensing documents (i.e. lifeguard certificate or CPR/First Aid card) – if applicable
  • This phase is always a bit tedious, but with your support team and online onboarding system, we will make it as simple and convenient for you as possible.
  • Once you complete your onboarding, you will be cleared to begin our online training.

Time To Choose Your Position


There is no wrong choice, so do not worry.


Once you apply we will do our best to help you match the position

that best fits your availability, interest, and qualifications.