Turnkey Summer Camp and Academic Year
Classroom STEM, Robotics and Drone Programming for
STEM Grant-Funded Solutions

How Do Schools Use STEM Grant-Issued Funds?

We Have The Solution!

At Drobots Company, we specialize in providing comprehensive and turnkey Grant-Funded Solutions for STEM, Robotics and Drone programming tailored to meet the unique needs of schools across the United States.

Our experienced and expert team is dedicated to helping schools make the most of their grant funding by offering engaging and educational summer camp experiences for students.

Best of all…we do everything: provide equipments, materials, staff, curriculum, etc.

No Flying, STEM or Robotics Experience Necessary


At Drobots, we specialize in providing comprehensive and turnkey STEM, Robotics and Drone programming solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of schools across the United States. Our expert team of professional instructors is dedicated to helping schools maximize their grant funding by offering engaging and educational summer camp STEM experiences for students entering kndergarden to twelth grade.

Why Choose Drobots for Your Grant-Funded School Summer Camp or Classroom Program?

1. Comprehensive STEM Curriculum:

Drobots’ catered and grant tailored drone, robotics and stem summer camp programs are built on comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum and programming that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students of all grade levels.


2. Cutting-Edge STEM, Robotics and Drone Technology:

Drobots integrates state-of-the-art drone technology into all of our programs, allowing students to explore the exciting world of aerial and ground robotics while gaining a hands-on experience with interactive equipment with real world applicability.

3. Experienced Instructors:

Our team of experienced instructors is passionate about inspiring the next generation of innovators. They are experts in their fields and are dedicated to providing an engaging and educational experience for students.

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4. Customizable Programs:

We understand that every school has unique goals and requirements. Our programs are customizable to align with your school’s specific grant objectives and student demographics.

5. Seamless Implementation:

Drobots handles it all – we are a fully turnkey company with decades of experience! Our team provides training and classroom management; curriculum planning and implentation; and all equipment setup amd ongoing maintenace. Drobots manages and oversees all aspects of program implementation, ensuring a stress-free and hassle-free experience for schools.


6. Measurable Outcomes:

Drobots adheres to data-driven results. All of our programs are designed to deliver measurable outcomes that showcase the impact of your grant investment on student learning and skill development.

Bring Drobots To Your School

Grant-funded summer programs hold immense potential to elevate a school’s educational and summer programming landscape. By partnering with Drobots Company, schools will harness the power of turnkey STEM, Robotics and Drone programming to provide students with a memorable and impactful summer camp experience. Unlock the possibilities of grant funding and embark on a journey of educational excellence.

Inquire About a Grant-Funded Summer Program for a STEM, Robotics and Drone Programming for Grant-Funded Solutions

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Choose From Our Most Popular Programs or Design Your Own

Drobots curriculum experts will work with you to either create a catered grant-funded program or help you choose from one of Drobots’ turnkey most popular programs listed below. Each year we design new courses to accommodate the evolution and excitement of the STEM environment.

Drone Programs

  • Drones To The Rescue
  • Drone Obstacle Course
  • Drone Coding and Racing
  • Drone Mapping
  • Drone Photography
  • Drone Mission: Earth to Mars
  • Drone Racing Grand Prix
  • Jr. Drone Dragon Rescue Riders
  • Jr. Drone Space Spy Obstacle Adventure
  • Jr. Drone Super Speedsters
  • Jr. Pilot Academy
  • And More…

StemQuest Adventure Programs

  • Coasters & Speedsters
  • K’nex Theme Park
  • Mario Kart: Water, Land, & Coaster Racing
  • Medieval Robot Battles
  • Robot X Games
  • Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion
  • And More…

LEGO & K’nex Junior Programs

  • Build It & Wreck It
  • Jurassic-Bot Adventure
  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Super Pets Creator
  • Amazing Theme Park
  • Gru’s Minion Adventures
  • Jedi Engineering
  • Ninjaneering
  • STEM Avengers Total
  • And More…

Maximizing the Impact of STEM and Technology Education Grants
for Summer Enrichment and Classroom Academic Programs

In an era driven by technological advancement, the significance of STEM education has never been more pronounced. As educators and innovators, we are thrilled to share how your school or organization can harness the power of STEM and Technology Education Grants to create immersive and impactful summer enrichment programs. Whether you’re aiming to cultivate young minds through drone exploration, coding adventures, or engineering marvels, these grants can provide the fuel for transformative learning experiences.

Unlocking the Potential of STEM Grant Funds:
So, you’ve been awarded a STEM Grant – congratulations! The next step is charting a course to maximize its impact. Start by identifying the specific needs and goals of your program. Are you looking to enhance classroom technology, implement new teaching methods, or perhaps create exciting extracurricular opportunities? Defining clear objectives will guide you in allocating grant funds effectively.

Empowering After-Hours Enrichment:
Technology Enrichment Grants and After Hours Enrichment Grants offer a gateway to extending learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. Consider using these grants to fuel after-school coding clubs, robotics workshops, or innovation labs. By capitalizing on students’ curiosity and creativity during their free time, you’ll foster a passion for STEM that extends well beyond the regular school day.

Crafting the Ultimate STEM Summer Camp:
Summer break does not have to mean a pause in learning. Use grant funds to develop engaging Summer STEAM Programs and camps that keep young minds buzzing with excitement. Imagine a drone summer camp where students learn about aviation, engineering, and remote sensing through hands-on drone activities. With grant money, you can provide the equipment, curriculum, and expert instructors needed to turn this vision into reality.

Fueling Coding Programs and Engineering Curricula:
When your school is awarded a Technology Education Grant, it’s time to consider how to infuse technology into your educational landscape. Use the grant money to introduce coding programs that teach computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Alternatively, invest in an Engineering Curriculum that guides students through the design and creation of real-world solutions, nurturing their innovation and collaboration skills.

Strategic Proposal Crafting:
To secure STEM Grant funding, it’s essential to craft a compelling proposal that outlines your program’s objectives, curriculum, and expected outcomes. Clearly demonstrate how the grant will be utilized to drive student engagement, learning, and achievement. Similarly, when seeking after-school, classroom/club, or technology summer camp grants, tailor your proposals to highlight the unique benefits and impact of your proposed initiatives.

Nurturing Future Innovators:
At the heart of these endeavors lies the ambition to cultivate the innovators of tomorrow. STEM and technology education grants offer a powerful tool to inspire students and educators alike. They provide the means to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering a love for learning that extends well beyond the school years.

In conclusion, the journey from receiving a STEM or Technology Education Grant to creating impactful summer enrichment programs is one of excitement, innovation, and immense potential. By carefully allocating grant funds, crafting well-thought-out proposals, and focusing on hands-on, immersive experiences, you can unlock a world of possibilities for your students. These programs have the potential to ignite a lifelong passion for STEM, shape future careers, and contribute to a more technologically advanced society.

Drobots’s Primary Goal

The primary goal of any Drobots Company program is to mentor participants on how to become lifelong learners and instill a strong sense of curiosity, confidence and teamwork. Due to the exponential growth of the drone industry, kids and teens may now explore, learn and evolve along with the applications of today and the discoveries of tomorrow. Drobots fosters this new technological landscape with a unique curriculum and well-trained positively motivated instructors.

At Drobots we create flexible experiences that shift students between the excitement and hands-on activities of our indoor activities and the freedom and exploration of the outdoors. Participants utilize imagination, hand-eye coordination and STEM applications to conquer challenges and missions – all in a team-oriented environment. Under the umbrella of a friendly competitive and gamified teaching and learning methodology, participants collaborate in a team setting to deconstruct challenges and then solve them.

Safety is our #1 priority and our rigorous hiring standards attract the best instructors in the country. At Drobots Company we understand that instructors with years of experience working with kids and teens is the key difference between a good experience and a GREAT experience. Our family of instructors embodies the passion and creativity that we strive to inspire in every participant.

Drobots has hosted corporate team building and friendly competitions events since 2013. We have been honored to have worked with some of the most reputable companies in the world, including: NASA, Facebook, Microsoft, Bell Helicopter, The Ritz Carlton, 20th Century Fox, NFL (National Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball), Wounded Warrior Foundation, SEMI, YWCA, The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach Gardens and other major corporations across the globe.

We are a turnkey operation and our experienced drone event planners and drone instructors are always prepared to organize and facilitate any drone event, from drone obstacle course competitions and drone racing challenges to drone coding and drone flying workshops. Regardless of the intended outcome, we will collaborate with you to ensure your event is a huge success.