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Offering convenient summer camps locations nationwide for kids and summer programs for teens. We have it all: Search & Rescue, Agility, Obstacle Course Racing, Entrepreneurship, Videography, Photography, Aerial Mapping, FPV Racing (first person view), Safety, and Fun. Learn valuable STEM and drone flight skills to advance your education or further your interest in one of today’s fastest growing industries. Whether you’re an aspiring drone entrepreneur, drone film director, drone aerial photographer, drone sports enthusiast, future drone engineer, aspiring drone racer or drone robotics guru, it is time to launch your creativity and exploration and TAKE FLIGHT this summer at a Drobots’ drone STEM or STEAM summer program. 

For kids and teens interested in drones, science, technology, flight, racing, math, robotics, engineering, business, photography, videography, aerial mapping, and entrepreneurship.

Jumpstart your future at the #1 Drone STEM camp program for kids and teens in the country. Our company’s number one goal is to allow kids and teens to enjoy a STEM summer program without being anchored in front of a computer screen all day long. Are digital arts camps getting stale? Does 3D design and creating video games limit your itch to get outside and moving? Feel like Minecraft™ and mobile coding gaming have become stagnant. Not to worry.

While we fully support and encourage students to learn programming and other popular computer-gaming based programs and games, Drobots offers active students true alternatives to engage with fellow flight mates in an interactive and three dimensional drone and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) activities. The best part is all of our programs include real-life present day and future application. Drobots’ summer camps allow participants to get out of the chair and into the air!

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No drone experience necessary. No drone equipment needed.

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