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Drone Licensed Curriculum For Grades K- 12

Designed For Schools, Learning Centers, Technology and Maker-Spaces, Private Camps, After School Programs, Non-Profit Organizations, and More.

Turnkey Licensing Curriculum

Drobots is a worldwide leader in providing a STEM education through the platform of drone technology, having served thousands of students across both the United States and across the globe. We offer hands-on and interactive exploratory learning resources and lesson plans targeted to K-12th grades. 

Drobots provides turnkey Drone STEM Curriculum, Drone Professional Development, and Drone STEM Product Implementation for educators and administrators in a variety of Summer Camp, School-Day, After School, Maker Space, and Homeschool settings.

All of Drobots’ materials include either a grade-appropriate template curriculum or a catered program to suit your specific needs. All of our drone licensing programs include a complete curriculum that detail how to introduce and implement the activities. All of our curriculum is filled with demonstrated themes, ideas, activities, and real-world application.

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Drobots’ 2021 Featured and Most Popular Curriculum

Drone Show Educational Curriculum for 3rd – 12th Grade


The Drone Show curriculum presents one of the most fun, educational learning opportunities for both students and teachers. There is no better way to introduce drone technology into the classroom since the drones are reliable, durable and safe. Moreover, the entire curriculum may be used in an indoor setting allowing schools to easily adopt and and add the Drone Show curriculum into their current STEM lab initiatives.

Examples of Other Popular Drobots Curricula

Curriculum Primary Goal and Focus

The primary goal of any Drobots Company program is to provide an efficient and unique platform for educators to mentor participants on how to become lifelong learners and instill a strong sense of curiosity, confidence and teamwork. Due to the exponential growth of the drone industry, kids and teens may now explore, learn and evolve along with the applications of today and the discoveries of tomorrow. Drobots fosters this new technological landscape with a constantly-evolving curriculum and a company core value of Exceeding Expectations.

Drobots’ curriculum has been specifically designed to introduce 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in and out of the classroom! Drones and UAVs are the perfect educational platform for kids and teens to become familiar with and learn more about the many facets of drones, robotics, and the future of this budding industry and how it applies to real life opportunity.

All of our programs have been designed to encourage and build: enjoyment, teamwork, curiosity, critical thinking, courage, and creativity.

It’s time to take off and build STEM skills that will build the foundation for many years to come. Join this movement and prepare to inspire the development and preparation of the entire student.

Below are Drobots’ Drone Curriculum Categories

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Drone Show Coding and
Programming Curriculum

$7,095.00 USD  –  $19,995.00 USD

Drone Show: Where STEM Truly Meets STEAM

Drone Show Packages contain premium tools, accessories, coding mat, durable rolling and carrying case, modular storage unit, battery charging units, additional components for anticipated breakage and more that make for the ultimate drone show experience!

Drone Show Package  – 10 Drones

Includes 10 drones, 16 batteries, 2 4-port battery charging stations, Wifi private router, 164 grid coding mat, and all necessary components to get you flying!

Grades: 3-12
Students: Up to 30 (Student / Drone Ratio 3:1)
Contact Hours: 50+

Premium Package – 20 Drones

Includes 10 drones, 32 batteries, 4 x 4-port battery charging stations, Wifi private router, 2 x 164 grid coding mats, and all necessary components to get you flying!

Grades: 3-12
Students: Up to 60 (Student / Drone Ratio 3:1)
Contact Hours: 50+

Educator Guide:

The Drone Show curriculum centers itself around a single, unified instructor resource: The Drone Show Educator Guide. The Drone Show Educator Guide is the handbook serves as a dynamic and user friendly booklet of lesson plans that allow all educators to understand, facilitate and implement in a safe and enjoyable manner.  The Drone Show Educator Guide provides instructors with the confidence and the ability to grasp the basic concepts and then, in return progress through the lesson plans with the same level of curiousity and enthusiasm as the students.

Serving as the main resource related to all safety guidelines, assessments, real life applicability, and general resources for explanation and facilitation, the Drone Show Educator Guide is the instructor’s guide to creating an organized, safe and positive environment for students of all experience levels.

Student Resources:

Discover Drones uses multiple student-driven curriculum Drone Show PDF flight manuals to better digest and understand the lesson plans and intended outcomes.

The Drone Show PDFs:

The PDFs enable a students to take ownership of each lesson plan and in return, learn alongside the instructor at their own pace. The Drone Show PDFs help to empower and provide additional facilitation, coaching and mentoring as students work independently and/or in small groups while learning at the their own pace. The PDFs support all learning environments, classrooms, camps, after-school programs, clubs and a wide variety of other educational models.

Each Drone Show PDF includes:

  • Up to two step-by-step projects that introduce new concepts and skills by directing students through self-driven activities.
  • Up to two engaging challenges that guide students through the completion of the lesson plan.
  • Multiple options for a final design project(s) that provides students a variety of opportunities to apply their respective learning to a creative and and mindblowing presentation for classmates, teachers, and parents to enjoy.
  • A glossary of key terms and all terminology are included in each PDF for reference.
  • At the conclusion of each lesson plan, a Final Design Project presents students with a variety of Drone Show challenges in order to synthesize their learning with creativity, critical thinking and real-world relevance.

Curriculum Topics:

Drone Show 1: General Flight

  • Drone safety, ethics and real world applicability
  • General troubleshooting guide and self-fixing of drones when they crash
  • Synchronized drone planning
  • Swarm behavior of drones
  • Programming a sequence of drones to multiple destinations
  • QR coding and drone flight architecture

Drone Show 2: LED and Coding

  • LED coding and programming
  • Multiple drone flight coding models and configuration templates
  • Spacing, altitude, and coordination of drone swarm flight
  • Multiple drone program with LED incorporation

Drone Show 3: Swarm Design

  • Calibration of drones
  • Programming and coding music and sound for inflight coordination
  • Multiple LED drone swarm programming and planning
  • Drone show examples such as Drone Dancing, Drone Magic Show, Drone Art, and Drone Storytelling

Drone Show 4: The Show

  • Creative design and desired output
  • Walk-thru of Drone Show engagement and swarming.
  • Staging, planning, troubleshooting the student’s Drone Show of choice
  • Utilizing all LEDs and sounds to synthesize the drone swarm in an orchestrated manner
  • Production of the Drone Show

Engineering, Engineering Design, and Computer Science

All standards will vary from state-to-state. Therefore we strongly suggest you conduct your own research and research the the standards that are most applicable to your state. The Next Generation Science Standards website is a great resource.

Below is a list of some of the applicable Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas and Crosscutting Concept Standard

Algorithms and Programming 

Computing Systems 

Networks and Internet

Common Core State Standards



The Number System


One Annual Classroom License
  • Lesson Video Series: In-Depth, Yet Simple To Follow
  • Printable PDFs To Accompany The Videos  
  • Each video will cover each lesson in detail with in depth explanations, examples, troubleshooting, extensions, diagrams, and variables.

Full List of Recommended Non-Drones and Non-Drone Accessories

  • Recommendations For Where To Purchase and In What Quantity – Depending On Your Expected Outcomes
Support and Community

Introductory and Initiation Call

  • Complimentary 30-minute introductory call with a senior Drobots Curriculum Director
  • Additional professional development and training available onsite or virtually.

Complimentary Access to the Drobots Quarterly Webinar

  • Full ccess to professional development, guest speakers, best practices, new technology, and real-world application

Complimentary Access To Drobots Private Facebook Group

  • Primary resource for collaborative and interactive Q&A and troubleshooting assistance
  • Access to Drobots’ Discord channel (coming soon)

Photos and Videos

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Drobots and Our Extensive Experience

Having served over 100,000 students in the classroom and trained over a 1,000 teachers to deliver drone programming at the K-12 level, our top priority is to exceed your expectations with professional development sessions that are both informative and enjoyable.

Drobots’ Professional Development Includes:

Professional Development Catered To Your Needs and Your Schedule

Drobots prides itself on the ability to offer valuable, scalable and affordable professional development. Our primary goal is to respect the educator’s busy schedule and conduct virtual trainings that are both comprehensive and efficient. The Drobots team continues to innovate to maintain high quality virtual training for all teachers who purchase our curriculum. We use the power of video conferencing to enable intimate professional development sessions with our curriculum design instructors. We pride ourselves on maintaining an open and flexible schedule to accommodate the educator’s busy schedules.

Flexible Scheduling Link So You May Choose The Time(s) That Work Best.

Over-communication is one of Drobots’ core values. Therefore, when we plan a professional development session(s) (PD) it is our primary goal to set the proper expectations. Prior to every virtual session, Drobots shares a teacher welcome package which includes: your curriculum instructor’s bio and experience and an extremely organized Professional Development agenda. Our goal is to ensure you understand and fully trust the “who,” “what,” and “why” of our trainings. Again, we fully respect the demanding schedule of all teachers, so our job is to ensure that we will use our time together in an efficient and productive manner. Following each PD virtual session, your curriculum instructor will send you a summary email detailing all of the content and objectives that were covered and reviewed during your session. This email will also communicate the goals and key takeaways from the session, which will include a full outline of next action steps for the next scheduled meeting.

We Believe In Face-To-Face Meetings and Trainings

Since an on location training is always the best method of delivering PD, our goal is to ensure that we simulate, to the best of our ability, a live training through the use of video conferencing. It is of the upmost importance that we make you, the teacher, feel 100% comfortable during our PD sessions. Therefore, in order to accomplish this objective, our curriculum instructors use visual and auditory aids to conduct our trainings. Developing a strong trusting relationship is important, so the ability to communicate with body language and facial expressions allow our curriculum instructors to connect with teachers with a meaningful and personal approach. We believe this enhances the learning and understanding of the materials being taught.

Engagement, Confidence Building and Over-Communication

Due to the thorough preparation and planning, Drobots Curriculum instructors are able to fully engage teachers throughout each PD session. Our goal during each session is: to over-communicate our teachings and listen to your feedback, to provide an abundance of advice and share best practices, and to build extreme confidence in the subject manner, so the teachers feel secure and knowledgeable come classroom time.

Video Record Each Professional Development Session

All Drobots-led virtual PD sessions are recorded to the cloud for two important reasons: First, it’s vital for teachers to have an internal record of each session to enhance the training and maintain quality control throughout the process. Second, providing you with a copy of the video recording becomes a wonderful and useful resource for the teacher(s) to refer back to in a continuous manner, so may always review the material and refresh the key takeaways at a moment’s notice. Drobots uses Zoom video conferences which allows us to record to the cloud.

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