Drobots Company Instructors & Leadership Team

Drones Programs Specifically Designed For Kids and Teens

At Drobots Company we have a combined 40+ years experience in our talent acquisition department. We only hire adults who are already working or currently pursuing a career in education. All of our staff must pass mandatory state and county background checks as well as our own company background check – which includes a CORI, SORI and drug test. All of our instructors are known for their excellence in attention to detail and customer service – keeping in mind that the customer always includes:

1.The school and/or facility and the other programs on campus
2.The school’s faculty and/or the facility’s staff
3.The participants
4.The participant’s parents or legal guardians
5.Our own team of instructors

Drobots Company Safety, Training and More

Drones Programs Specifically Designed For Kids and Teens

All of our instructors undergo 8+ hours of training outside of the actual program and drone safety training. Our extensive training addresses all policies to ensure a safe and friendly environment. This includes, but is not limited to: Nut allergies and other related life-threatening conditions (including EpiPen training), behavioral and anti-bullying training, drone and flight safety, overall environment and facility safety, emergency safety protocol, CPR and basic First Aid. We also request that all of our host facilities provide us with a list of any mandatory training and/or procedures that we need to adopt and implement on our end.