Sports Tech and Sports Analytics
Curriculum For Grades 4 through 12


Sports Tech and Sports Analytics
Curriculum For Middle School and High School

Designed For Schools, School Districts, Learning Centers, Maker-Spaces, Summer Camps, After School Programs

Sports Tech & Analytics Licensed Curriculum For Grades 4- 12

Designed For Schools, Learning Centers, Technology and Maker-Spaces, Private Camps, After School Programs, Non-Profit Organizations, and More.

My 10 year old son loved this program! Drobots’ Sports Media and Broadcasting camp is a unique way for children to apply STEM concepts, build self-confidence, and understand an introduction to sports analytics.

-Paul DePodesta

Featured in Moneyball, Chief Strategy Officer of Cleveland Browns; Former General Manager of Los Angeles Dodgers

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Learning Objectives, Skills, Lessons, Subjects

Skills Attained

  • Statistical and Event-Driven Assessment of Rough Game Files
  • Video Editing Immersion [to include Reconfigurations, Onscreen Graphics, Presentable Overlays]
  • Narrative-Driven Scripting Procedures
  • Collaborative Debate and Conversational Dialogue through “Group Knowledge Building” Process
  • File Management Procedures

Topics and Subjects Addressed

  • Sports Specific Game Assessment (Analytics, Scouting Portfolio and/or Highlight Reel Option)
  • Team and Player Statistical Analysis
  • Outcome Oriented Video Editing (Sports Tech Option)
  • Game Analysis through Audio Recorded Analysis (Broadcasting Option)
  • Collaborated Group Podcasting

Turnkey Sports Tech and Sports Analytics Licensing Curriculum

Drobots is a worldwide leader in providing a STEM education through the platform of drone and robotics technology, having served thousands of students across both the United States and across the globe. We offer hands-on and interactive exploratory learning resources and lesson plans targeted to K-12th grades. 

Drobots provides turnkey Sports Tech & Analytics STEM Curriculum, Sports Tech Professional Development, and Sports Tech & Analytics STEM Product Implementation for educators and administrators in a variety of Summer Camp, School-Day, After School, Maker Space, and Homeschool settings.

All of Drobots’ materials include either a grade-appropriate template curriculum or a catered program to suit your specific needs. All of our drone licensing programs include a complete curriculum that detail how to introduce and implement the activities. All of our curriculum is filled with demonstrated themes, ideas, activities, and real-world application.

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Curriculum Primary Goal and Focus

Drobots’ curriculum has been specifically designed to introduce 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in and out of the classroom! Using sports technology and analytics are the perfect educational platform for kids and teens to become familiar with and learn more about the many facets of sports, analytics, broadcasting and the future of this budding industry and how it applies to real life opportunities.

All of our programs have been designed to encourage and build: enjoyment, teamwork, curiosity, critical thinking, courage, and creativity.

It’s time to take off and build STEM skills that will build the foundation for many years to come. Join this movement and prepare to inspire the development and preparation of the entire student.

What Is Sports Tech & Sports Analytics?

Sports are central to our society, culture, and economy. As the overall industry has grown; traditional broadcasting, modern analytics, and non-traditional outlets for commentary and engagement have grown exponentially.

This course aims to find agreeable content to the student, bring an analytical framework to the working canvas, and emphasize the unique creativities of each individual student through “cataloged choice”.

The content in this course takes a reflexive approach to students’ interests and knowledge. With exposure to the most up-to-date analytics software, students will develop tools for organizing video content in a data and/or purpose driven narrative arc. Simultaneously, the students bring research-based correspondence to a “Shared Topic” in Sports, planning and performing a round table discussion in both a video recorded and podcasting format. 

It’s time to take off and build STEM skills that will build the foundation for many years to come. Join this movement and prepare to inspire the development and preparation of the entire student.

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