Drobots Company Core Values

Drones Programs Specifically Designed For Kids and Teens

Our mission is to develop and deliver the highest quality, most inspiring, and inventive drone and virtual reality technology experiences to the next generation of visionaries and disruptors—one student at a time.

We build inclusive, hands-on, educational, fun learning environments where students are empowered with the autonomy, tools and skills they need to reimagine our tech-driven world through the lens of drones and Virtual Reality (VR).

Deliver Engaging Educational Experiences: We inspire education by offering cutting-edge curriculum in a lively, hands-on environment. Our students possess limitless potential and our instructors inspire them by bringing joy and creativity to learning with a personalized approach. We live in the present and educate for future.

Exceed Expectations With Incredible Service: Only behind safety, the attention and care of our campers and families forms the platform that Drobots Company has been built upon. The Drobots Company experience is hassle-free, fun and filled with over-communication. Our #1 goal is to exceed expectations at all times.

Ensure the Safety of Every Participant: We take risks with innovation and technology—not with our participants. The physical and emotional safety of our students is paramount.

Set The Standard For Drones, Technology and the Future: We are innovators who invest in things that others may think are impossible to accomplish: drone programs for kids, all-girls drone programs, and specialized learning platforms and curricula.

Stick to What We Know and Who We Are (and who we are not!): We started as a sports and educational company and have since become the world’s only drone summer tech and STEM program for kids and teens. All along our #1 message to participants has been “effort over results”. It’s important that we continue to maintain this message and encourage curiosity to ensure our company continues to pursue lofty goals, while maintaining the roots that keep us strong, grounded, and growing.