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Jumpstart your future at the #1 Drone STEM camp program for kids and teens in the country. Offering convenient summer camps locations nationwide for kids and summer programs for teens. We have it all: Coding, Search & Rescue, Agility, Entrepreneurship, Video and Photography, Aerial Mapping, Racing, Safety, and Fun. Learn valuable STEM and drone flight skills to advance your education or further your interest in one of today’s fastest growing industries. Whether you’re an aspiring drone entrepreneur, drone film director, drone aerial photographer, drone sports enthusiast, future drone engineer, aspiring drone racer or drone robotics guru, it is time to launch your creativity and exploration and TAKE FLIGHT this summer at a Drobots drone STEM summer program. 

Ideal for kids and teens interested in drones, science, technology, flight, math, robotics, engineering, business, entrepreneurship.

Drone STEM Summer Programs


Summer Academy Camps
Grades 7-12

This residential program for middle and high schoolers is the first of its kind. Led by industry experts and professionals from the drone industry, students enjoy a hands-on drone immersion program that includes: choosing a major and minor, the future of the drone industry and the opportunity to compete for an invitation to the Drobots Company National Challenge Series. Plan for your future now and gain a competitive edge for high school, college, and beyond.


Pre & Teen Summer Programs Grades 5-8

Enjoy an grade-appropriate summer camp and summer program experience, alongside pre-teens, teens and an adult staff who share your love for exploration and the future of flight. This program builds invaluable STEM skills, an introduction to the education of the drone industry, and its evolving and associated career paths. Participants fly drones and even create a drone business model. Get a jumpstart for your future and gain a competitive edge for school, college, and beyond.


Kids Summer Camps
for Grades 3-8

This summer camp program accommodates all learning levels – whether or not you have ever flown or even seen a drone before. All of the Drobots programs include personalized guidance, confidence building, tailored instruction and a variety of fun activities appropriate for kids and pre-teens. Whether you and your Flight Squad are conquering search and rescue missions or conducting aerial mapping, this program will not disappoint. All in a friendly, safe, and positive environment!

This is Where Drone STEM Education Takes Off

No drone experience necessary. No drone equipment needed.

Day camp, overnight camp, after school, and enrichment drone STEM programs also available.