The Drobots Drone Summer Camp Communication Portal For All Summer Camp & Facility Directors

Please read through Drobots’ Drone Camp checklist below. If you are missing any of the information listed for the drone summer camp programs occurring this upcoming summer, then please follow the prompts to communicate with us immediately. We will fulfill your request and/or resolve the problem in an expeditious manner. Drobots is looking forward to a successful and enjoyable Drone STEM summer camp season for kids and teens. Thank you!

The Steps To Onboard Your Program For The Summer:
Step 1: Drobots Final Agreement


Drobots Company requires a signed agreement by both parties at least 4-weeks prior to the start date of conducting a program at your location. The agreement must be executed by Drobots and a authorized representative of your school, college, or facility. 

Please confirm you have completed or received the following:
o A copy of an executed document with signatures from both parties

Do you need a copy?
1. Click here to notify us of what you need or to send us an inquiry

Not sure if you have this document?
1. Search your email for the phrase: “Agreement for signature has been signed”

2. Scroll down to view a sample of what this document looks like

Sample of first page and signature page:


Step 2: Specific Titles & Programs Document

Each school or facility receives a word document, which includes titles and descriptions for each Drobots’ session being offered at your location this summer. This document is provided for your own web and/or marketing purposes.

Please confirm you have received your program descriptions:
o A word document, sent via email, which has your school or facility name at the top of the document

Do you need this document?
1. Click here to notify us of what you need or to send us an inquiry

Not sure if you have this document?
1. Search your email for the phrase: “Program descriptions” in the subject line

2. Scroll down to view a sample of what this document looks like

Sample of what this page looks like:


Step 3: Access To Shared Marketing Folder


Drobots has created a shared marketing folder for your use on any and all web or print marketing materials

Please confirm you have received access to this shared folder, which includes the following:
o Drobots logo
Promotional video
o Approved photographs
o About Us verbiage (about Drobots Company)
o Common FAQs for your customer service team when answering phone or email inquiries
o Drobots Company W-9 information for tax purposes
o And more

Do you need access to this online folder?
1. Click here to access the online marketing folder


Step 4: Common FAQs Document For Parents


Drobots has created a document specifically designed for your use when you interact with or speak to parents/guardians inquiring about a Drobots’ camp program.

Please confirm you have received access to this Common FAQ document, which includes the following:
o What types of drones we use
o How does Drobots approach safety
Example of a typical day at camp
o What are the program takeaways
o How much time during the camp is spent flying drones
o And more

Do you need access to this document?
1. Click here to access the Common FAQs customer service document

Step 7: Refer A Peer To Work At Drobots

We love referrals! Drobots Company always appreciates the opportunity to meet applicants who are already familiar with the school, the students, and the community. Some of our best Instructors have been those we have met through a simple introduction from a member of a host school or facility. 

Each year around late December or early January, Drobots begins to accept applicants for all Drobots Instructor positions to lead and teach our drone programs for the upcoming summer. This process includes posting job descriptions and current offerings in your area. Due to the unique nature of our programs, we typically receive significant demand and a high quantity of well-qualified applicants.

How Can You Help?
If you know someone who may be interested and qualified, either a person currently teaching at the school or who is involved in the academic community, please do the following:

1. Forward and share the below information or link within an email to someone you know who will be able to share this posting with their own network of potential candidates.
2. Forward the below link and email along to specific candidate who you know personally
3. Post the below link and job listing on your school/community Facebook page, listserve portal or similar online community informational forum.

Job Posting To Share
Drobots Company is the provider of summer drone camps for schools and community centers around the country. Our mission is to help campers discover and use drones through unique and safe activities. Leadership, teamwork, preparation, initiative, and effort are life skills echoed repeatedly throughout our curriculum. We hire experienced and extraordinary teachers and students of education, who are dedicated to cultivating these skills. Our staff is united by a desire to uphold and demonstrate our core values.

Job Link To Share:
Click here to access our “We’re Hiring” landing page on the Drobots Company website.

Drobots Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind and we will consider all qualified candidates. While we will most definitely take your referral into strong consideration, by no means will any candidate be exempt from any of the mandatory steps of our interview and hiring process or required qualifications.

Step 8: Connect With Us On Social Media

For enhanced exposure to the summer camp programs operating at your location, the Drobots’ marketing department highly recommends that you “like”, “follow”, “send flowers to”, etc. to our two main social media networks: Facebook and Instagram.

We will of course reciprocate by doing the same with your social media pages.

Please click the icons below to: like and follow us on:




Step 9: Have An Inquiry?

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime. Please choose how we may best assist you at this moment:

Need immediate assistance?
Please call us at (240) 440-0448

Need to communicate with us in writing?
Please email us at

Need access to our onboarding forms, marketing materials, program descriptions, or any other related materials?
Please click here

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