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The Drobots Company started this blog to help inform, update and educate parents and students alike. We want kids and teens to be more engaged with drone technology as well as STEM education all together.

We are strong believers that students learn best when they are able to (a) get outside and away from the computer (b) spark their internal curiosity through both mind and body in a STEM application and (c) create! Drones for kids and teens was specifically designed to open the door into both the present and the future. Fly away with us as we continue to educate students all over the world to both the application and usefulness of drones and how this technology will have an impact on how kids, teens and high school students to create, to think, and to solve.

The Home Security Drone

This Home Security Drone Will Help You Tell Possums From Prowlers A drone might be your next guard dog. Sunflower Labs, a San Francisco-based startup, is combining motion detectors, a quadcopter and a phone app into a home security system. The Sunflower system could...

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Classes Drone On…And Students Love It

Classes Drone On...And Students Love It It is all part of a drive to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and maths subjects - collectively known at STEM. Science teacher Hannah Bryant took over as the school's STEM co-ordinator in September and has...

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Drones Replant Trees From Wildfires

Drones Replant Trees From Wildfires The California wildfires burned thousands of acres of foliage — but this drone startup is helping replant the trees lost in the blaze. Learn more about this article here The primary goal of any Drobots Company program is to mentor...

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