Classes Drone On…And Students Love It

It is all part of a drive to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and maths subjects – collectively known at STEM.

Science teacher Hannah Bryant took over as the school’s STEM co-ordinator in September and has been spearheading a drive to get kids’ off their PS4’s, Xbox’s and iPhones and instead learning about propulsion and gravitational forces.

“When I took on the role I wanted it to be about letting the kids experience something different and getting them excited about our subjects,” she said.

“In ten years time, who knows what career paths will be available to kids, but STEM will be a big part of it.

“All of our clubs are geared towards getting them towards looking at careers in these sectors.

“We have a good following now, particularly for our drone club.

He (teacher) added: “Once you start fiddling with the settings it becomes more about engineering. “At the moment the kids have not made them themselves but eventually they will take over from me building and repairing them. Hopefully eventually the kids will get to the stage where they are designing their own drones and printing them.”

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