Your Guide to the Drone Age: Everything you need to know about flying robots

Article written and created by Ryan Duffy – Emerging Tech Brew

Drones have been around for decades. Governments are frequent fliers, along with some industries. Consumer drones have become a game-changing device for a niche-but-passionate group of hobbyists, creators, and entrepreneurs.

But the most starry-eyed predictions about commercial drones remain just that. For 99% of the world, autonomous drone delivery is not right around the corner. We’d bet that most of you reading this don’t see drones in your day-to-day lives. And don’t even get us started on flying cars.

Before we digress into full-on Jetsons comparisons, let’s get definitions out of the way. A drone can simply be described as a flying robot. It’s an aircraft sans onboard pilot, typically controlled by someone on the ground. Drones are often envisioned as automated machines that fly without human input or guidance.

Our bet: As technology advances over the next decade, commercial drones will eventually be integrated into our everyday lives. Delivery services will take flight in rural, exurban, and suburban places, in that order. We don’t see that happening in downtowns or densely populated urban centers before 2030. Across the board, healthcare services—like faster prescription filling—will be prioritized.

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