Drone Racing For Kids and Teens Pays Off. Youth Drone Prix Racing Summer Programs Coming To A Location Near You In 2017

A remarkable event and outcome occurred this past weekend in Dubai. A team led by a 15-year-old drone pilot from England won first place in the World Drone Prix, a new contest drawing fans fascinated by technology and sports.

Think about that for a second. A world wide competition won by a 15 year old! Amazing. Or is it? Drobots Company was started with the promise that we would educate kids and teens on the amazing present and future application of drones. Most of our friends and family thought we were crazy. Drones are for adults they said. Drones are for the military. Drones are dangerous. Drones are a mystery. Well, this most recent world wide competition may very well prove the naysayers wrong.

Drones are for the kids and teens. They are for our future engineers and entrepreneurs. They are for our sports fans. And yes, drone racing is a sport. It’s a STEM activity and a sport where both parent and child may work together and play together all in one setting. While soap box derbies may have a downward trend on the family activity graph, we truly believe the drone racing and drone related activities will begin to fill that void and excite the family to begin working on projects together again.

Next year the Drobots Company plans on holding a series of kids and teens Youth Drone Prix events across the United States. Interested in participating or hosting one of our events? Contact us today and join Drobots Company as we expand our drone summer camp offerings for kids and teens.

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