Designed for eye popping speed and incredible durability! Racing technology, now available to everyone. “A Different Kind of Drone”

Tanky Drone is not the first nor the last ready to fly FPV Racing drone

Kickstarter has some great projects. This one particularly caught my attention due to the high quality imaging as well as the durability of the drone. 

You might be familiar with DJI’s Phantom or Inspire aerial photography drones or any number of “selfie” drones available on the market and on Kickstarter at the moment. If you want to push a camera around through the air those drones are perfect. However, Tanky is different! Other drones are designed to take video of exciting moments in your life, Tanky is meant to BE the exciting moment in your life!

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Drone camps and “drone curriculum” for schools, academic institutions and other “drone STEM” related programs.

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