Australia Testing Drone Mail and Package Delivery

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Interestingly enough we are no longer surprised when we read the headlines about drone delivery. For those in denial we suggest you begin to adopt the notion of this emerging technology. Especially since it is already happening. For example, check out this article, Australia Posting Testing Mail Delivery Drone. This service would deliver medication and online purchased items. Some see the technology as disruptive in a negative way. We see drone delivery as a positive disrupter enabling individuals and families to receive the items they need in a more expedited manner. 

Lastly this week, we recently attended the RoboUniverse event in New York City. Wow, what an event! Virtual Reality, Drones, 3D printers, Sensor Technology, Robots, AI and AR (Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality). The event blew us away. Then we headed to the USA Science and Technology Fair in Washington DC (STEM event). We highly recommend you attend this biennial event in 2017. Child, parent and educator friendly. It is certainly a two-day event with endless interactive and exciting exhibitions and demonstrations.

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