Drones For Kids: Drone Racing Is Here To Stay. Are You Ready?

So we have received a lot of phone calls from parents asking about drones and kids and teens summer camp programs. One of the most common questions we receive is on the topic of Drone Racing during our summer camps. The best part is that we are not surprised. Ever since the Drone Racing New York Times article was published the popularity of drone racing has gained interest.

Most parents do not even believe that drone racing is a real thing or event. However, when we explain the popularity of drone racing and the reality that drone racing leagues and international competitions are growing exponentially, our conversations with parents go to another level. Parents love the concept because it takes gaming outside. Kids spend too much time in front of a screen and indoors. The fact that kids and teens can take their gaming skills to an outside venue, all along learning how to control a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)

When you attend a Drobots Company drone summer camp program for kids or teens you learn about the entire industry. And yes, you learn about Drone Racing. It is not too far fetched that in 5-10 years drone racing could be as popular as any other high school or college sport. By no means are we suggesting that current individual or team sports will fall by the wayside, but we are confident that a growing interest in learning how to compete in drone racing will rise. Who knows – you or your child may soon attend a national or international Drobots Company drone racing competition sometime in the near future. I know we are already planning for the events! Drone racing for kids and teens…reflecting back 10 years ago who would have ever thought this would one day be reality? Pretty cool, huh.

Check out the final episode of the Miami Light Event with Drone Racing League at the Miami Dolphins Stadium. Some of the world’s best drone racers meet to compete for the top spot. Who will come out on top?

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