A New Drone Challenge Has Been Launched In The UK

A new drone challenge has been launched in the UK that will work with five cities to explore if and how drone technology could be used to support local needs. The Flying High Challenge, run by innovation foundation Nesta together with Innovate UK, will consider how drones could assist cities with their emergency services, buildings maintenance, and traffic, environmental and pollution monitoring.

“By exploring uses with cities and how practically they would like to shape the integration of this technology, UK firms across the drone landscape–from platform and application developers to imaging and sensors manufacturers to autonomy and systems integrators–will have real-world situations through which to tailor their offerings,” he added.

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The challenge’s open call for interested cities will begin on 4 December with the participating cities due to be announced in early 2017. Two subsequent phases will focus on the development of technology culminating in large-scale, live, real-world demonstrations of integrated drone systems.

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