Drones Exploring Ice Caves Opens Up An Entire New Avenue of Exploration

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We have written a lot about the utilization of drones in both a creative and entrepreneurial manner, but we have not addressed the amazing photography and cinematography capabilities. With the development of drones, GoPro cameras, and other rapidly evolving technology there are now limited obstacles for even the beginner to enter this space. Drones are making a huge impact in Hollywood, in the real estate industry, and in the architecture and construction industries.

Please take a moment to view the video below. Read what the drone company DSLRPros says about this sensational video clip produced by FireFlightFilms.com:

This is the latest segment of project: Bigger Than Life. Our good friends at FireFightFilms.com are hard at work in Alaska working on this multi-part series encompassing all things bigger than life. In this segment the DSLRPros Ultimate Kit was used to fly through the massive ice caves of Alaska.

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