Hey Kids – Get Outside and Practice. You May Soon Be Competing in a National Drone Race

If drone racing was an option when we were growing up two things would have been removed from those formative years as a youth:

  1. Mom yelling: “turn off that video game!”
  2. Mom yelling: “go play outside!”

Drone racing is one of the most fascinating and energetic sport ever invented. It’s adrenaline, teamwork, creativity, STEM and curiosity all tied into one bundle. It’s parents and kids working together to build the winning drone. It’s non-stop action and fun. It’s taking off!

Don’t believe us? Watch this:

Next year (2017) the Drobots Company plans on holding a series of kids and teens Youth Drone Prix events across the United States. Interested in participating or hosting one of our events? Contact us today and join Drobots Company as we expand our drone summer camp offerings for kids and teens across the United States.

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