Drone Technology Is Helping To Save Elephants

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Drones are fun. Drones teach us about flight. Drones provide incredible photography and video. Drones keep us safe. But we here at Drobots Company love that drones are being used to save our most wonderful animals, Elephants

Elephants are one of the world’s most incredible species – a glimpse into the past of the dinosaur age. The thought of having to protect these animals is simply a sad one. But, such is the world we live in. Elephants often wonder into “human territory” and cause havoc.

Well there is positive news. Drones can be used to help provide additional “eyes” in the sky and protect these animals from upsetting people and their food. Thanks to one of the Drobots Company’s favorite drone, the DJI Phantom, farmers are able to protect their crops from being raided by elephants. In return, elephants are able to stay safely away from those who rely on being able to grow their crops without elephants ruining the crop. Very cool. Extremely applicable. Read more.

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