Check Out This New Modular Drone By Vantage Robotics. The Snap Drone Is A Game Changer

We just off of a phone call with one of the representatives over at Vantage Robotics. The customer service and dedication to answering all of my questions exceeded my expectations. However that does not come so much as a surprise to me. Why? Because drones are exciting. They are fun. They (the drone industry) attract people who want to speak to you about not only their own product, but the entire industry. The positive energy and passion is evident. 

I highly recommend you check out the Snap Drone, a new drone product designed from Vantage Robotics. Features include “encased” rotors (to limit damage) and magnetic modular pieces that will allow both the current and future versions to evolve for speed, distance and more. Moreover, the Snap Drone has an incredibly small yet robust 4k camera and gimbal to ensure all of your filming and photography are spectacular. Lastly, the drone is easy to fold up, carry and travel with, no matter where your next drone adventure may take you. It literally folds, snaps, and can be placed into your backpack for your next hike.

The ability to use drones for film and photography is opening a whole new industry for entrepreneurs creatives and artists. And from what I have seen already, the Snap Drone will not fail to impress. Look for the Snap at one of the Drobots Company drone summer programs for kids and teens this upcoming summer. Order yours today if you want to check out the Snap for yourself!


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