Drone Summer Camps For Students In Rising 9th to 12th Grades

Drone Camps for 9th to 12th graders include 

  • Real-world STEM application for the next generation of engineers, scientists, makers, and hobbyists
  • Education of the industry and the future of drones
  • Guest speakers, experts and technicians 
  • Exploration of the business and capability of drones from agriculture, search and rescue, to sports
  • The entrepreneur’s mindset behind drone technology
  • Flight control, coding and agility racing and challenges
  • DIY (do it yourself) lessons and tutorials, so the learning lasts long after the summer
  • Low Instructor to student ratio
  • Adult-led instructors with experience and passion working with students and STEM
  • Lesson plans encourage students to work within small teams to achieve common goals
  • Drone safety and the social responsibilities of flying drones
  • Interactive workbooks and plenty of Drobots’ keepsakes to take home
  • Curriculum specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts
  • No prior experience necessary; all skill levels are welcome to participate

Drone Summer Camp Themes for 9th to 12th Graders

Programs for this grade range are only offered at select locations throughout the country, including the Drobots’ Academy, a residential program for teens from all over the world.

We use the safest and most reliable drone products on the market, including the Parrot™ drones for enhanced safety and most of all, fun. Campers will learn the basics of drone technology and safety before taking to the air to fly and code the drones using technology-appropriate programming languages. Through the use of iPad flight simulators and clear instructions on basic flying maneuvers, Drobots’ pilots will experience a program filled with excitement, games, challenges, and learning. Students work all week long to prepare for the most enjoyable part of the week: the Ultimate Drone Games where students collaborate, strategize, and create their own drone games and then compete against one another.

This themed-session is filled with pure action as students enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Racing. Students will first learn about the basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. From there, campers will progress through various skill challenges and learn how to perform various exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Campers will use FPV (first person view) goggles and remote controls to maneuver the drone through mini obstacle courses. Participants will also create the design and help build the the obstacle course in preparation for the last day’s final activities and competition.

In this program, participants work together to create their own 2D and 3D maps -similar to the ones seen on Google and Apple Map apps. Drones are perfect for aerial mapping and repeatable, accurate flight makes a drone the ideal flight platform for near-ground mapping. At Drobots we use the most cutting-edge technology methods available to create our maps. Combining multiple looks at an area as a drone flies over allows us to create 2D and 3D models from which may be derived stunningly accurate orthophoto maps. Throughout this program we will learn how drone mapping is positively influencing and disrupting major industries around the world such as: agriculture, real estate, search and rescue, construction, mining, and land and resource management.

This session is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced photography, videography, or drone hobbyists and enthusiasts. This week is a journey as students engage in self-exploration and experimentation. Learn how to pilot an autonomous mission to capture various landscapes, structures, or “actors” from unique vantage points., Students will have the unique opportunity to learn from experts from within the industry to learn more about this budding industry with so many present and future applications. The combination of our high resolution cameras and reliable quadcopters enables photography and videography at levels of detail never before imagined.

9th to 12th grade program summary

Drobots’ camps for older students are specifically designed to introduce 21st century STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in and out of the classroom! Summer is the perfect opportunity for the pre-teens and teenagers to learn about the many facets of drones, robotics, and the future of this budding industry. This program is extremely popular for those who may want to learn more about or even pursue an education and/or a career in the UAV or quadcopter industry.

All of our programs have been designed to encourage and build: fun, teamwork, curiosity, critical thinking, courage, and creativity. The summer is for experiential learning and Drobots Company is committed to providing a safe and friendly platform to deliver a program that “exceeds expectations”.

Come explore with us and get inspired by energetic instructors committed to the development and preparation of the entire student. It’s time to take off and build STEM skills that will build the foundation for many years to come – join us! No prior experience necessary. All skill levels are welcome.

You cannot find a program like this one anywhere in the country. I am so glad we heard about you on the NPR interview. My daughter is now looking at colleges who have UAV programs, which is truly incredible considering she knew nothing about this technology a year ago. Thank you, Drobots.

Anita W.

10th grade girl attended camp, Mother

William has the DJI Phantom and Spark at home, so I was very happy he had a camp to attend with other like-minded and focused students. The aerial mapping and photography portion of your camp are truly remarkable.

Larry H

9th grade son attended camp, Father

Neither my son nor I had any idea on what to expect from this camp. Especially since we have not seen or heard of others like it in the US or in South America. Although it was a long trip from Brazil, we are so happy we signed up for your program in Maryland. The experience of flying drones all day, and also being around other students who love robotics and s.t.e.m. programs was a great immersion program for him.

Danny C.

8th grade son attended camp, Father